Our curriculum


In response to the diverse array of standards and abilities, Parkville College teachers have developed a credible and flexible curriculum to meet our students’ varying needs. All students complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) during the intake process which seeks to identify the existing support services in place and assess the young person’s educational and wellbeing needs.

Our school supports students through all levels of education, from early primary years, through to secondary and beyond.

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE):

Parkville College teachers are qualified to teach a large number of VCE studies. In particular, our teachers have developed extensive curriculum resources for two VCE studies that are of relevance for our students.

Legal Studies
VCE Legal Studies investigates the ways in which the law and the legal system relate to and serve individuals and the community. This knowledge is central to understanding the workings of contemporary Australian society.

When undertaking VCE Legal Studies Unit 1, Criminal Law in Action, Students examine the need for laws and regulations in society, investigating the key features of criminal law, how it is enforced and adjudicated, including possible outcomes and impacts of crime. All of our students have first-hand experience of the Victorian legal system. Studying Legal Studies Unit 1 directs that experience into a positive outcome for our students, allowing them to successful re-integrate into society with further knowledge and understanding.

VCE Philosophy explores some of the most enduring and influential ideas that underpin society’s greatest achievements in ethics, science and the arts. This, together with learning to think critically and with an open-mind, fosters the reflection necessary for deep insights and ethical decision making at all levels in society. Studying Philosophy enables our students to think through the consequences of their actions and make ethical choices to impact their lives.

Questions of Value study, invites students to explore physiological questions in relation to different categories of value judgment within the realms of morality, political, social philosophy and aesthetics. Students also explore ways in which viewpoints and arguments in value theory can inform and be informed by contemporary debates.


The majority of Parkville College students undertake the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, (VCAL).

VCAL is an applied learning hands-on option for senior secondary school students in Victoria, which gives students’ practical, work-related experience as well as literacy, numeracy and personal skills.

VCAL’s flexible structure enables students to undertake a study program that suits their interests and learning needs. VCAL gives Parkville College students’ practical, work-related experience and a qualification, recognised by TAFE institutes and employers, helping students move from school into work, an apprenticeship or traineeship or further training.

Fully accredited modules and units are selected for the following four compulsory strands:

-Literacy and numeracy Skills
-Work-related skills
-Industry specific skills
-Personal development skills

VCAL principles:

The development of knowledge and employability skills that help prepare students for work and participation in a broader society, family and communities.

To assist students to make informed vocational choices, facilitating pathways to further learning and employment.

To assist students to become more independent and responsible for their own learning and improve their motivation and commitment to their education.

VET subjects:

Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides students with the necessary skills and experience to prepare for employment and further training. VET subjects and units offered at Parkville College are fully accredited through Melbourne Polytechnic. Melbourne Polytechnic has been delivering practical and professional education Melbourne’s northern suburbs for over 100 years.

VET subjects offered at Parkville College include:

-Certificate II in Engineering
-Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
-Certificate II in Visual Arts
-Certificate III in Fitness
-Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry)
-Pre-apprenticeship; Certificate II in Hairdressing
-Certificate II in Music
-Certificate III in Shopfitting
-Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

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Our philosophy

At Parkville College, students are diligently supported by a team of dedicated teaching staff, who work towards the full development of the human personality. We assist our students to develop whilst detained, to enable them to reintegrate into society. We don’t expect individuals on leaving detention to have miraculously transformed, without showing them alternate ways of viewing the world.

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Our school history

Parkville College was formed as part of the reform project to improve the quality of education in the youth justice system to students who are, or have been, detained in custody within Secure Services, Victoria. We commenced the operation of Parkville College in 2013 with only six teaching staff, and now have over 130 members of teaching and support staff.

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