Flexible Learning Centre

The Flexible Learning Centre, Parkville Campus | Parkville College

The Flexible Learning Centre is a transitional campus of Parkville College, designed for young people who are, or who have been, involved with the youth justice system, or Secure Welfare Services.

The Flexible Learning Centre provides a co-educational setting, catering to 10-21 year olds. We provide small class sizes, a consistent therapeutic approach and a supportive, inclusive environment, with short to long-term transitional programs for vulnerable young people who are experiencing difficulty finding educational or employment pathways in their local communities.

All students complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) during the intake process which seeks to identify the existing support services in place and assess the young person’s educational and wellbeing needs. Our students can complete their studies, and pick up right where they left off from their time spent in detention. The Flexible Learning Centre offers both VCAL and VET modules for students, with a focus on re-engagement, as well as personal and community development.

The children and young people who attend the Flexible Learning Centre on leaving detention, generally do so, because they feel comfortable and safe with our teachers and staff at Parkville College. For Parkville College teachers, the ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ theory underpins all interactions with students. Our teachers embody this theory by consistently treating students kindly, genuinely, respectfully and with complete acceptance. We believe delivering ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ in an education setting, means speaking in a tone that is calm, slow and friendly, demonstrating body language that is safe, open and non-threatening, using language that is positive and empowering, and speaking in a manner that is empathetic and involved. As a result, Parkville College students feeling valued, empowered and equal to all tasks at hand.

Our holistic approach also encompasses regular outreach, full-time wellbeing support and regular communication with families, youth justice and the various service providers connected to the young people in our care.

Many of the students who attend The Flexible Learning Centre do so in a transitional capacity, with the goal of finding an educational, vocational or employment pathway in their local area. Others attend with a more particular educational goal in mind, for example to finish their senior VCAL. At The Flexible Learning Centre, we work together with our students, their families and support networks to help achieve their educational goals, whether they are with us for days, weeks, months or years.

‘All the courts or probation schemes on earth can never effectively correct the faults of the child as long as there remain the faults of those who deal with children in the home, schools, in neighborhoods’ – in the community itself’ Benjamin Lindsey, US juvenile justice pioneer, 1909.

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